Monday, February 15, 2010

Supporting Hackers For Charity

Something in the back of my head told me to check out Johnny Long's Hackers for Charity website today to get an update on what's been happening with him and his family.   I hate to say it, but I let this go "out of site, out of mind" for me.  As I looked at the donor cloud and I noticed it was empty. Really?!?! Empty?!?!(technical issue maybe? I just donated to test it) I can't imagine that hasn't been any sponsorships in a month.

I realize there are multiple ways we all contribute to HFC (General Donations, Equipment, Software, Time/energy, Books, etc), but the donor cloud being empty worries me that maybe others have also let this go "out of site, out of mind" for them as well.  So consider this message a small reminder!

Get Involved with Hackers For Charity!

Whatever you can do, buy shirts, donate via Paypal, donate equipment, join Informer - every little bit helps a great deal over there.

In case you didn't know Johnny Long and his family through HFC support a couple of incredible missions in East Africa

1. Food Program in Kenya (You can help via the Donor Cloud on his website).

2. Classroom Initiative where with AOET they have built three classrooms already to help empower the Ugandans to learn and do for themselves!

Since his first trip, Johnny has inspired me to be better and to do more wherever I can.  His story is amazing.  He gets energized by our (community) support!  Personally, I've done what I can over the years to help and will continue to do the best I can, but it's never enough.  I'm suggesting we all join in - with whatever you can. $20/Month - $25 one time donation, whatever you can do.   To kick things off anew in 2010 - my family and I are planning on giving at least 50% of my first paycheck with whomever my new employer winds up being to HFC in March.  How will you help with this effort?

Let's see how we can support his incredible mission!

You can follow Johnny Long on Facebook You can also find him on Twitter


Robin said...

There should be plenty of donations in there after Shmoocon, I know that a part of the cash we got for our talk was donated.

But I agree, keep giving!

Rocky DeStefano said...

@Robin - I hope so too - I know many people contribute to HFC, just trying to do my part to get the word out.

If I could influence at least 1 more person to help Johnny I'd be happy with my efforts for the day. :)