Thursday, February 4, 2010

NSA to Google wrt APT - "We're here to help"

The Washington Post reported that the NSA will be helping Google with the analysis of events related to the recent Chinese Espionage that affected Google and so many other US Companies.

Does this confirm the existence of APT, and that APT is a real danger? Duh, the world's scariest intelligence organization is focusing their talents on the problem - it IS a problem. Is this the best way to combat it? Well, we do need more exposure, information and collaboration so I can't really think of a better partnership of minds.

Sure the Privacy implications are huge. NSA does go to great lengths to protect privacy of US Citizens. The fact that this is public information does lend itself to more trust. They are both being fairly transparent and the goal is in our (US-centric) best interest.

Some questions I have - I wonder who is going to have oversight authority? I also wonder WHY this is public information? Is NSA going to offer the same level of collaboration to other companies affected by APT (or non APT espionage)? If so great news, if not then what is the threshold for involvement?

I also wonder if this was coordinated through our new Cyber Coordinator and if so, why wouldn't he take the opportunity to announce the partnership?

What do you think?

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